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"Blessed with massive biceps and an even bigger heart, Braum is a beloved hero of the Freljord. Every mead hall north of Frostheld toasts his legendary strength, said to have felled a forest of oaks in a single night, and punched an entire mountain into rubble. Bearing an enchanted vault door as his shield, Braum roams the frozen north sporting a mustachioed smile as big as his muscles—a true friend to all those in need."

Pool Party Braum
Chroma available
  • Pool Party Braum
  • 09-Jun-2021
  • 1350
Sugar Rush Braum
Chroma available
  • Sugar Rush Braum
  • 17-Dec-2019
  • 1350
Crime City Braum
Chroma available
  • Crime City Braum
  • 23-Aug-2018
  • 1350
Santa Braum
  • Santa Braum
  • 14-Dec-2016
  • 1350
Braum Lionheart
  • Braum Lionheart
  • 07-Dec-2015
  • 750
El Tigre Braum
  • El Tigre Braum
  • 21-Jan-2015
  • 1350
Dragonslayer Braum
Chroma available
  • Dragonslayer Braum
  • 11-May-2014
  • 975
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