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"Ivern Bramblefoot, known to many as the Green Father, is a peculiar half man, half tree who roams Runeterra's forests, cultivating life everywhere he goes. He knows the secrets of the natural world, and holds deep friendships with all things that grow, fly, and scuttle. Ivern wanders the wilderness, imparting strange wisdom to any he meets, enriching the forests, and occasionally entrusting loose-lipped butterflies with his secrets."

Astronaut Ivern
Chroma available
  • Astronaut Ivern
  • 24-Feb-2023
  • 1350
Old God Ivern
Chroma available
  • Old God Ivern
  • 10-Dec-2020
  • 1350
Dunkmaster Ivern
Chroma available
  • Dunkmaster Ivern
  • 04-Apr-2019
  • 1350
Candy King Ivern
  • Candy King Ivern
  • 04-Oct-2016
  • 1350
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