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"An apex predator, Rek'Sai is a merciless Void-spawn that tunnels beneath the ground to ambush and devour unsuspecting prey. Her insatiable hunger has laid waste to entire regions of the once-great empire of Shurima—merchants, traders, even armed caravans, will go hundreds of miles out of their way to avoid her and her offspring's hunting grounds. All know that once Rek'Sai is seen on the horizon, death from below is all but guaranteed."

Elderwood Rek'Sai
Chroma available
  • Elderwood Rek'Sai
  • 06-Jan-2022
  • 1350
Blackfrost Rek'Sai
Chroma available
  • Blackfrost Rek'Sai
  • 05-Mar-2020
  • 1350
Pool Party Rek'Sai
Chroma available
  • Pool Party Rek'Sai
  • 25-Jun-2015
  • 1350
Eternum Rek'Sai
  • Eternum Rek'Sai
  • 11-Dec-2014
  • 1350
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