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"Samira stares death in the eye with unyielding confidence, seeking thrill wherever she goes. After her Shuriman home was destroyed as a child, Samira found her true calling in Noxus, where she built a reputation as a stylish daredevil taking on dangerous missions of the highest caliber. Wielding black-powder pistols and a custom-engineered blade, Samira thrives in life-or-death circumstances, eliminating any who stand in her way with flash and flair."

Soul Fighter Samira
  • Soul Fighter Samira
  • 20-Jul-2023
  • 3250
High Noon Samira
Chroma available
  • High Noon Samira
  • 26-May-2022
  • 1350
Space Groove Samira
Chroma available
  • Space Groove Samira
  • 01-Apr-2021
  • 1350
PsyOps Samira
Chroma available
  • PsyOps Samira
  • 21-Sep-2020
  • 1350
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